They say cycling runs in the blood. In case of the Velits Brothers this is certainly the truth. With a family owned cycling store, Dad behind the counter, Mum overseeing logistics and both Martin Velits and brother Peter Velits riding for professional World Tour cycling teams, the Velits family is the very essence of cycling.

If it is not the amount of kilometers clocked-up during training or results of a recent Grand Tour, being discussed at the Velits family dinner table, it is likely which colors to choose for the coming Isadore Apparel season or the development for new products.

The Story

The Velits brothers decided to produce locally from early on and so it remains to this day for most of the products. It’s how they support the local community, help create jobs as well as overseeing the production process by simply grabbing their bikes and ride to the factory.

The Process

Sustainably manufactured in the Slovakian town Puchov, at the same factory which also produces Vivienne Westwood, Prada and Pierre Balmain clothing. It’s only a bike ride down the road from where the brothers still live with their families.

The People

This community-supporting approach is captured in every product you will use. From the packaging – everything is packed by human hands – to the tags and ultimately the garment you wear. Isadore Apparel aims to bring you the finest cycling products possible, with a clean conscience and with real people behind it

The Material

Merino wool is used in a large part of the collection. No matter what the weather throws at you, merino wool provides a high level of natural protection from the sun’s harsh rays and even keeps you warm when you’re soaked to the bone.

The Quality

Merino wool comes from one of the world’s toughest breeds of sheep. The Merino sheep lives in tough conditions in the southern alps of New Zealand. Here they have adapted to conditions ranging from +35 degrees Celsius in Summer to -20 degrees Celsius in Winter. Such extreme temperature demands an adaptable, breathable, protective wool coat.

The Benefit

Depending on the climate in which you ride or the amount of layering you wear, as a cyclist your body should always be able to breath and yet still remain warm or cool.